Prevention and whole body health

Prevention and whole person health are step one of MoD health care.
Cavities and gum disease are caused by ‘bad’ bacteria in the mouth.
‘Bad’ mouth bacteria have a serious role in osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, ulcerative colitis, heart attack, stroke, more, and even contribute to premature birth.
Good bacteria help to prevent decay and gum disease, they actually whiten teeth.

You ‘caught’ the
bacterial mix that will dominate your life from mom’s beginning before birth through your first months of life.
After those initial exposures, your can only ‘balance’ your god/bad mix with oral probiotics (very different than digestive probiotics), your lifestyle and hygiene.
But Mom’s influence will dominate your bacterial mix for life! Go figure!
So, Moms!: please, start both as early in your pregnancy as possible, if not before, to optimize your oral bacteria. (we can help) Keep it up at least until your children start school.
Cavities, gum disease, failing root canals, other oral infections certainly impact your quality of life and may contribute to fatal health crisis.
We care, and want to help you manage this life impacting issue simply, effectively.
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