Dental Implants

Dental implants are the closest thing to re-growing your natural teeth. Crafted of titanium or zirconia, general dentistry’s longest lasting restorations are stable, durable and undetectable. Implants are far superior to dentures, and provide a natural-looking, natural functioning replacement for one or more missing teeth.

Dr Hodgert believes dental implants are a fine art based on science and skill built through experience.
Simply, a titanium ‘root’ is placed in the bone. Later, a ‘crown’ is mounted to the top of the new root. Yes, often we need to create bone for that implant, and yes, we want to engineer your function so the implant isn’t lost like the tooth it is replacing.

  • Looks like real teeth
  • Fill gaps between your teeth
  • Stabilizes nearby teeth and shares their work load
  • Chews and smiles like natural teeth
  • Saves bone for healthy, strong jaws
  • Masters of Dentistry does all the steps for your implant. You don’t have to go to a periodontist or oral surgeon.
    Dr. Hodgert regularly teaches other dentists how to do successful bone grafts, implants, complex restorations, and more.
    He has been placing implants since 1972, passed the American Academy of Implant Dentistry exams in 1976, and remains very active in continuing education.
    Dr Hodgert is Oregon’s most experienced implant dentist.