TMJ Pain

The Bend lifestyle is ideal to resolve TMJ, facial pain, myofacial pain, and trigeminal neuralgia. But when this pain does occur, it devastates. Whatever you call it, cranio-fascial pain is severe pain. It can destroy your quality of life. Masters of Dentistry can help.

University researchers agree that each case has multiple causes. Lifestyle causes include stress, sleep, diet, a lack of exercise, and posture. Dental causes include teeth that don’t fit together with the joint properly seated and bruxing (grinding).

Internal issues (including arthritic changes) are best addressed with tools from the lifestyle AND dental bins. Surgery proves to be counterproductive over time. Sleep apnea is often a structural problem that’s also a major cause of bruxing. Fortunately, it’s also something we may be able to remedy.

Masters of Dentistry has dedicated a large portion of our continuing education and client care to treating TMJ/myofacial pain. At MoD, we believe in teamwork. YOU are the most important success factor. We’ll help with the bio-mechanics of jaw function (and perhaps apnea). We’ll guide you in responsibly addressing the lifestyle components. With our help, you can take charge of your own peaceful facial comfort.