Mercury Free Dentist

Mercury Free, Silver Amalgam Safe Fillings

There’s enough mercury in one single filling to condemn the fish in a modest lake, require OSHA to evacuate an office building, or destroy a person’s nervous system. In a mouth with an average amount of mercury fillings, chewing generates more mercury fumes than OSHA says is safe for the workplace.

Mercury inhibits hemoglobin and neurotransmitters. It collects in your brain, nervous system, liver, and kidneys to severely damage DNA and your health. Mercury seriously hampers immune systems. At worst, it kills. At best, it limits us. Yes, 20 percent of us are genetically blessed and can eliminate mercury. The rest of us are irreversibly harmed by mercury. Where does your DNA leave you on this scale?

Biological, IAOMT, dentists focus on capturing mercury during removal from outside of the mouth. We believe the focus needs to be on capturing mercury at the tooth (inside the nitrile dam, before the mercury escapes). At MoD, we’re science based, mercury safe, mercury free, and mercury wise. We have been for 4 decades.

There are many safer, prettier, healthier, kinder, longer lasting alternatives to mercury (“silver amalgam”) fillings. Today, it is inexcusable to place mercury in any mouth; it is illogical to retain old mercury fillings.