Why Choose Us

Bend’s Implant Dentist, Bend’s Esthetic Dentist & Bend’s Natural Dentist

To be Bend Oregon’s general dental choice means applying the science and art of dentistry at the highest levels of excellence.  Choose a doctor who both knows and cares.  Dr Hodgert is Oregon’s most experienced Implant Dentist.  He is also fully trained in multiple reconstruction disciplines:  Masters of Dentistry wants to meet your needs and dreams.  Masters of Dentistry cares and listens.  As Bend’s holistic dentist we feel the art and excellence of craftsmanship is as important as the choice of materials.  You not only want healthy materials in your mouth,  you want them to look awesome, function great,  and last a very long time.

Partnership. At Masters of Dentistry, we believe that each client is unique. We listen and seek first to understand. Then we fully explain your options and their anticipated outcomes.  We work with you building your care into your budget.  This Bend Dentist will teach you and then count on you to prevent future problems.   Masters of Dentistry works with you as part of OUR team.

Responsibility. Remember, you are more than your teeth. The most important responsibility of dentistry is to keep you healthy. Oral infection, especially tooth decay, multiplies your risk of heart attack and stroke. We’ll help you make science-based decisions that are uniquely best for you and your dreams.  Your Bend dentist will deliver care with kindness and the highest artisanship.

Experience. MoD doctors are deeply trained and experienced. Our Bend dentists are true masters, with decades of experience and an active quest for learning. Dr. Hodgert is recognized as the state’s most experienced implant dentist.  He teaches implant and restorative dentistry to other doctors.

Science-Based Safety. Mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element there is. Unfortunately, it’s the very unstable half of every silver filling. We have 40 years of experience in safely replacing mercury fillings with safe, durable and functional beauty.

Fluoride makes teeth acid-resistant as it poisons our babies, lowers our IQs, is a major osteoarthritis player, and disrupts most enzymes and membranes in our bodies. It should only be used at specific targets and always conservatively. Fluoride should never be ingested, and never added to our water.  Fluoride needs to be treated like any other sometimes essential drug.  It has specific benefits and many ways to harm.  It should not be in drinking water nor used indiscriminately.

Quality. It is imperative your Bend Dentist use the most biocompatible, durable and beautiful materials available. Dentists should never choose materials because they are quick and easy, or less expensive.   WE PROMISE TO ALWAYS GIVE OUR VERY BEST EFFORT EVERY TIME, EVERY PROCEDURE.  ALWAYS, WE WILL CARE FOR YOU AS IF YOU WERE OUR MOST BELOVED FAMILY MEMBER.