General Dentistry

General dentistry means the doctor is not restricted to a specialty. The Masters of Dentistry practice has over three decades of practicing mercury-free and fluoride-wise dentistry; four decades of safely replacing mercury fillings with healthy alternatives; four decades placing and restoring implants; and four decades of perfecting complex restoration and rejuvenation (restoring youthful health, function and aesthetics).

Masters of Dentistry has Oregon’s most experienced implant doctor, and Bend’s most experienced general dentist. Our dentists are current in dentistry’s latest health and craft issues. Dr Hodgert has been a member of the prestigious Gnathology Northwest for decades and is a clinical research associate for Dr Gordon Christensen’s Clinician’s Report.

Several physicians refer clients to our general dentistry services as complementary in treating systemic pathology and toxicity. We offer excellence in oral health in a safe and caring environment.